Kickstart This Shit, Internet!: Hot Dog Heartache

Kickstart This Shit, Internet! is a weekly article spotlighting great games on Kickstarter that haven’t hit their funding yet

Hot Dog Heartache has come along to fill a void in the world of video games: the lack of platforming games starring sentient hot dogs.

Developed by the appropriately named Fever Brain Studios, Hot Dog Heartache is a bizarre platformer starring a hot dog who has been cast out by his beloved creator, Chef B. Hole, after Chef Hole discovered that our protagonist is actually a tofu dog. Thrown out into the harsh, cruel world, the hot dog embarks upon an epic quest to regain the love of his creator.

Beginning life as a browser based game, Fever Brain Studios wishes to turn the title into a full fledged game. In the new and improved Hot Dog Heartache, players will have to contend with hungry hobos, cats, dogs, birds, and sentient utensils, all while navigating a world filled with perilous jumps and obstacles to overcome.

Hot Dog Heartache has raised a few eyebrows due to it’s truly bizarre premise, but underneath all the weird beats the heart of a solid 2D platforming game.

As of this writing, Hot Dog Heartache is far short of it’s $25,000 goal, with only 13 more days to go. It looks like it may be curtains for Hot Dog Heartache, but not if you kickstart this shit, internet!


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