Deep Cutz: Double Dragon Neon

Deep Cutz highlights great video game music that you should check out!

The recently released “bro-op” brawler Double Dragon Neon is delightfully ridiculous, reveling in it’s old school ways and it’s wacky action. Coming along with side scrolling brawlers are waning in popularity, Double Dragon Neon brings the beloved franchise into the new century while firmly wearing it’s influences on it’s sleeve.

The soundtrack of Double Dragon Neon is particularly wonderful, sounding like an amped-up version of a 90’s arcade beat-’em-up. Composed by Jake Kaufman, the soundtrack will have you tapping your hands while you tap the heads of bad guys.

The whole soundtrack can be found at Jake Kaufman’s Bandcamp page, where it is available for a free download in it’s entirety. Check it out!


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