Kickstart This Shit, Internet!: Classroom Aquatic

Kickstart This Shit, Internet! is a weekly article spotlighting great games on Kickstarter that haven’t hit their funding yet

It’s here: test day. You thought you had studied enough. You told yourself you were ready. But as you stare at your test, your mind goes blank and panic sets in. Also, you’re in an underwater classroom surrounded by dolphins.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

In Classroom Aquatic, a self described “cheat-’em-up”, the player must cheat off his surrounding dolphin students in order to net an A. But be careful! Your classmates know your porpoise (heh) and they aren’t keen on you cheating off of them, so you’ll have to utilize distractions and your wits to nab the answers.

But it’s three strikes and your out. If the teach sees you or your classmates catch you, it’s game over. If you manage to not get caught and you get all the right answers, you win!

Additionally, Classroom Aquatic will utilize the Oculus Rift, which will really immerse you in the high stakes world of underwater classroom cheating.

As of this writing, the game is at $6,838, far short of it’s $30,000 goal. With 18 days to go, it’s looking grim, but not if you kickstart this shit, internet!


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