Chroma: The musical FPS from the makers of Guitar Hero

Yes, you read that right. Harmonix, makers of acclaimed music-centric games such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Amplitude have revealed their latest game Chroma, in which music is literally your weapon. While the game is still in the very early stages of development, what has been revealed has got VideoDunce practically salivating at the potential.

In Chroma, players will suit up as futuristic warriors who are pitted against each other in cyberspace arenas. The battlegrounds look like Tron and Blade Runner had a baby, and it’s an absolute treat for the eyes. As these future warriors duke it out, the arena will be alive with the sounds of music. But unlike The Sound of Music, this is quite literal. Each stage will possess a specific soundtrack that will affect the shape of the level, with mountains jutting out of the ground when the bass drops, or an earthquake consuming the level when the chorus comes in. The music will affect the flow of battle, forcing players to learn how the songs affect their surroundings to get a leg up on the competition.

But it’s not just the arenas that will be a slave to the rhythm. Weapons will also incorporate music in unique ways. Sure, there are machine guns and sniper rifles that work the same as machine guns and sniper rifles you would find in other games. In Chroma, machine guns will look and sound different depending on the music, twisting and shaping itself to the rhythm. Grenades can be thrown, but they will only explode on the musics backbeat, forcing players to find the rhythm and use their grenades at the appropriate time.

Chroma will also reward players who move in time to the music. Players will jump higher when they jump during a downbeat, or sprint further when they sprint during a downbeat. By utilizing jump pads spaced throughout the arenas, players will be able to ride the rhythm and use the pads to quickly navigate the arena. Just think, a player could be hot on your heels, and if you time your jump to the rhythm while being in a particular area of the map, you could soar into the air over a hill just as it forms, landing behind it just in time to round the opposite corner, pop out behind your pursuer, and plug him in the back.

​The Creators of Rock Band Are Making A Musical First-Person Shooter

Chroma puts players into teams, and gives players five unique classes to choose from. Players have an assault class, a support class, a sneak class, a tank class, and an engineer class. Each class will have specific perks, and will have interesting ways to utilize the music in levels. For example, the support class is equipped with a healing gun, similar to the Medic in Team Fortress 2. When you use the gun in time to the music, the healing properties of the gun will be amplified.

Harmonix has said that the game is going to be free to play, with minimal microtransactions to worry about. Players will be able to take Chroma for a spin as early as next month, when the alpha will be unleashed upon the public. For those who wish to sign up for the alpha, head on over to


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